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Metal construction

The modern greenhouse means the availability of the latest technologies compared to the greenhouses being built today. It is clear that ventilation, heating, cooling, irrigation, shading, fertilization, climate control and all other systems have the highest level of performance. The bearing capacity of the Greenhouse also complies with the latest technologies.
At the same time, the structure should not be damaged by plant loads, wind, snow and rain and be durable. The greenhouse design must be adapted to the indoor climate so that the plants feel comfortable in their natural habitat. The most important reason for the high productivity of 9600 greenhouses is the quality of architectural foundations. Due to its high volume and ventilation coefficient, it is extremely suitable for effectively determining climatic conditions, creating economical heating in winter and creating cool and fertile conditions in hot and humid regions, especially in summer. Structural parts are made of galvanized steel, corrosion resistant and durable. With a peaked dome and triangular window frame in the Gothic style, the 9600 model has proven itself with high performance, ease of Assembly and operational reliability. When performing static and aerodynamic calculations of the 9600-Modern greenhouse, it was determined that it corresponds to the following indicators:
Wind resistance 120 km / h
Installation load is 37 kg / m2
snow load 35 kg / m2